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Proven experienced approach to help you realise the full potential of your physique and performance.

Proven experienced approach to help you realise the full potential of your physique and performance


Book Book a free introductory consultation and session today

 Bespoke personal training in the luxury of a private studio in Brick Lane, East London

Proven experienced approach to help you realise the full potential of your physique

The Studio

Bright and spacious with large open studio floor.

Sessions are one to one with no other clients or trainers present.

Car parking, secure cycle area and easy wheelchair and pushchair access.

Private changing and showering. Fresh towels, shower gels and shampoos provided.

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My Approach

It is essential to have a detailed consultation before designing your programme.

It will also give you the opportunity to explain any injuries or concerns you might have.

Recording your current health, strength and fitness markers will give us informed targets to achieve. 

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Weight Training

To build lean muscle, tone your body or simply get strong, lifting weights with perfect form and tempo will ensure the most efficient and safest results. Every goal requires a different approach and I will design a progressive training programme to maximize your gains.

Cardio Fitness

Circuit and interval training programmes tailored to your desired goals and abilities. Improve your strength, stamina and mobility with intense, effective workouts that will push you safely to exceed your limits.


I've been boxing more than 30 years and still enjoy putting the gloves on. I will teach you to box or sharpen your existing skills. You can develop a fighters lean muscular physique using pad-work, boxing specific training and light sparring.

Photo: Pads with my trainer Don Charles. 

Diet & Nutrition

Your genetics and your goals will dictate which food types and quantities you should eat. We will work together adapting your current diet so you can totally enjoy your food and get the results you want. Sustainability is the key, I want you to look good for life, not just at the end of your programme.


About Me

I was lucky and I loved sports at school, which I must confess was a long time ago! I learned to box when I was ten and it was the sport I excelled at. I had many amateur fights and, like many boxers, regret not turning professional. I have kept it up though and have had the joy, if you can call it that, of sharing the ring with some great fighters.

Genetics dealt a very slim build and I started bodybuilding in my late teens. It was my first experience of changing my body composition through my diet and training. I have trained at Muscle Works in East London for over 15 years and have taken full advantage of the wealth of knowledge on offer, especially from its owner Uncle Sav.

I'm always looking for new challenges and over the past few years I've been learning from Crossfit and Powerlifting. I love training and its always exciting to find new ways to test myself. I don't bring home any trophies, but always acquire some new knowledge.

None of my clients are elite sports people, although many are great athletes. I work with people who have busy lives and need help to make changes. I take a very tailored approach, designing engaging and effective sessions and making realistic changes to your diet will yield results especially long term.

I am a Reps qualified trainer and member, British Powerlifting Coach and UK Strength & Conditioning member.

Please feel free to make an appointment to come in and meet me and see the studio.

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Joe Nickel

Having trained in a sporting context and competed in my sport to Commonwealth level, I was looking for a new challenge, and chose bodybuilding. Over the past two years James has taught me that it is a lifestyle and to make maximum gains takes total commitment. I am no longer concerned with how much I can lift but more with the form, tempo and intensity of each exercise and understand how bodybuilding programming differs from strength and conditioning work. I have made phenomenal gains but the new suits are getting expensive!

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Kevin Redfurn

I have always kept myself in shape but had problems keeping weight off even when I was training, I had tried various diets but to no avail. James's knowledge of nutrition and how it affects not only our weight but more importantly our hunger has made all the difference. I lost over 12kg on a ketogenic diet which he designed and monitored. I could still eat most of the foods I loved but it kept my hunger and mood stable unlike my previous attempts. Even though I was losing weight I still felt energised in my weight sessions.

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Katie Pope

I was fit and active before the birth of my son and wanted to lose a little weight and get myself back in shape. James concentrated on postnatal exercises, especially on my core which I felt had been weakened through my pregnancy. The private studio means sometimes I can take my son with me and can push myself that little bit harder. The sessions are always intense and hard work but fun and I feel much stronger and more energetic. Keeping to the diet advice is really hard as I have a sweet tooth, but it has made me plan my meals more healthily. 

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Rachel Wilkinson

Getting ready for my wedding was my original objective, this involved losing some weight (or fat) and muscle toning. James designed a complete program for me to do with him and at the my gym alone. I soon realised how much time I had wasted doing ineffective exercises my gym, just doing things I found easy. I trained hard under James's tuition and followed his dietary guidelines and the results were fantastic. I enjoy training in the privacy of his studio as I can feel self conscious training at the gym especially in the weight room.


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Patrick Rajendran

I wanted to lose fat and gain muscle, but have never even been to a gym before. My attempts at losing body fat before have always left me putting it back on again. James makes me do lots of research so we can have in depth conversations about diet and I have already lost 10 kg. I understand now what I must do to keep it off. The weight training is harder than I had ever imagined but I can see the change it has made to my body and my strength has increased phenomenally. Its a lot of work but worth it.

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Sandy Jarvis

Having lower back problems I wanted to find a experienced personal trainer with the knowledge to teach me how to lift heavy weights safely. I'd always been concerned about squatting and deadlifting, but James simplifies them and breaks them down so my technique and confidence was built up session by session. I have gained a practical understanding of the mechanics of each lift and tips ensure I keep my back supported. My program now includes lots of different movements and I have never injured my back.

Results will vary and are based on individual circumstances and commitment. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed. Hard work and willpower are always required.



Personal training sessions costs are based on how many times you train a week.

1 Session a week  10 = £700

   £70 each

3 Sessions a week  12 = £720

  £60 each

2 Sessions a week  10 = £650

   £65 each

4 Sessions a week  16 = £880

  £55 each

Personal training sessions last one hour.

Bespoke packages available on request, just contact me with your requirements.


James Clarke Personal Training

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Studio G10 . 59 Chilton Street . London . E2 6EA