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Experience truly personalised training in my private fitness studio, where you can enjoy one-to-one sessions in the luxury of a comfortable and professional environment. 

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James Clarke Personal Training Client Deadlifting.jpg
James Clarke Personal Training Client Squatting.jpg

The Studio

My private studio is bright and spacious with a large open studio floor and is fully equipped with everything you’ll need.

During your session there will be no other clients or trainers present giving you the freedom to focus.

All equipment will be ready and prepared for your tailored session so your time will be spent affectively and efficiently.

There are private changing and showering facilities with fresh towels, shower gels and shampoos provided.

Car parking is available along with secure cycle storage and easy wheelchair and pushchair access.

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My Approach

My Approach

I have helped hundreds of people in my studio over the past 12 years to achieve their goals. Whether body transformation, bodybuilding, powerlifting or strength & conditioning each client required an individual and tailored approach. 

You are unique and so is your strength, mobility, mechanics, body composition and metabolism, and its important that my approach reflects this. Using a lifetime of experience and knowledge I will teach you the skills, techniques and principles to safely and effectively accomplish your full potential. 

It is essential to have a detailed consultation before designing your program and starting your training. I will give us the opportunity to clarify your needs and desired outcome and to address any injuries or mobility issues you may have.

6 to12 Week Transformation 

Transform your physique fast with a short intense program of exercise and fat loss. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in a short space of time. Its not possible to build a significant amount of muscle, unless you are genetically gifted, but you will be able to lose a substantial amount of body fat on a focussed controlled diet which will transform the way you look. Such programs are intense and therefore are unsustainable in the long term, but having made the initial transformation you can switch to maintainable strategy. 


The most popular form of training today and for many good reasons. The pursuit of a muscular physique will also provide you with immense strength and muscular endurance. The objective is to work muscles through a resisted range of movement to create a stimulus for muscle growth, not to move a weight from A to B, as in powerlifting or Olympic lifting. Programming will depend on you experience and ability and will need constant considered adjustments as you progress. Psychology plays an important role in keeping you mind focussed on perfect form and tempo as your muscles fatigue, as adaptation occurs under stress, both physical and mental. Formulating a nutrition plan to underpin your training will be key to your success, so I will help you incorporate a diet in to your lifestyle that will maximize your potential. This will involve monitoring the quantity and quality of your macronutrient intake. You will be amazed at how you can transform you your physique with hard work and dedication. 

Strength and Conditioning

Training and programming to strengthen and condition your body for a specific sport or activity. This could be from building explosive power in a certain movement to having great isometric strength in other muscles acting as fixators, controlling aspects of your physical structure. Mobility, agility and endurance may be other key physical attributes to be enhanced. I work with a variety of athletes breaking down the mechanics of their movements, mobility and endurance requirements and designing programs to maximise their efficiency.


Powerlifting is a sport were you lift your maximum in three lifts, the squat, bench press and deadlift. Learning correct technique to allow your muscles to exert maximum force in these lifts is essential. Intra abdominal breathing, abdominal bracing and engagement of the superficial muscles of the back are all key components to ensure that you are safe and effective when squatting and deadlifting. The training requires that to not only become expert in the three lifts, but also that you strengthen all the muscles in the body that help you hold the correct structure whilst lifting. Some people are innately strong but anyone can maximize their lifting potential with perfect technique and a dedicated strength program. 

Weight loss

When we talk of weight loss, we really mean fat loss, as nobody wants to lose muscle whilst they diet off their body fat. Choosing the right strategy to reduce your calorie intake will be key to your success. Assuming they are healthy, most diets work, the problem for many is maintaining them. I will design a sustainable nutrition strategy that suits your lifestyle and environment and then provide you with the support and accountability to succeed. You training program will be in synergy to your fat loss as it’s important to maintain muscle whilst you are in a caloric deficit. 

About Me

About Me

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I first walked in to a boxing gym in 1978 and I was instantly hooked. I listen, learned and became dedicated - although I enjoyed all sports at school, boxing would be the first sport that I excelled at. After a long amateur boxing career in my teens I turned to bodybuilding.

This was in 1985 and the bodybuilding scene was exploding, with gyms opening all over the country. Whilst my slim genetics served me well for boxing, building muscle would prove much more challenging. I was not genetically gifted, but I was determined. My training and diet had to be optimal to make any gains. In retrospect, this served me well for discovering the synergy of effective programming, recovery and nutrition.

Over the past 40 years I’ve pursued a diverse range of sports including boxing, bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, golf and even BMX racing. I’ve always approached these activities with an analytical mind to their mechanics, performance and dietary requirements. I’ve also been fortunate to work with many great coaches and trainers over the years, who’ve not only educated me, but also taught me to teach.


I’m passionate about nutrition and understand how it affects my performance and physique, and have consequently studied and practised many types of diet. This afforded me extensive insight in to their advantages and drawbacks, and most importantly where each diet is most appropriate to use.

Now I’m 55 my focus has shifted more towards longevity. Fortunately all the current research shows that staying strong, athletic and injury free is the most important intervention you can make to ensure a long health and life span.


I am a Reps qualified trainer and member, British Powerlifting Coach and UK Strength and Conditioning member.


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Joe Nickel

Having trained in a sporting context and competed in my sport to Commonwealth level, I was looking for a new challenge, and chose bodybuilding. Over the past five years James has taught me that it is a lifestyle and to make maximum gains takes total commitment. I am no longer concerned with how much I can lift but more with the form, tempo and intensity of each exercise and understand how bodybuilding programming differs from strength and conditioning work. I have made phenomenal gains but the new suits are getting expensive!

Kevin Redfurn.jpg

Kevin Redfurn

I have always kept myself in shape but had problems keeping weight off even when I was training, I had tried various diets but to no avail. James's knowledge of nutrition and how it affects not only our weight but more importantly our hunger has made all the difference. I lost over 12kg on a ketogenic diet which he designed and monitored. I could still eat most of the foods I loved but it kept my hunger and mood stable unlike my previous attempts. Even though I was losing weight I still felt energised in my weight sessions.

Katie Pope.jpg

Katie Pope

I was fit and active before the birth of my son and wanted to lose a little weight and get myself back in shape. James concentrated on postnatal exercises, especially on my core which I felt had been weakened through my pregnancy. The private studio means sometimes I can take my son with me and can push myself that little bit harder. The sessions are always intense and hard work but fun and I feel much stronger and more energetic. Keeping to the diet advice is really hard as I have a sweet tooth, but it has made me plan my meals more healthily. 

Rachel Wilkinson.jpg

Rachel Wilkinson

Getting ready for my wedding was my original objective, this involved losing some weight (or fat) and muscle toning. James designed a complete program for me to do with him and at the my gym alone. I soon realised how much time I had wasted doing ineffective exercises my gym, just doing things I found easy. I trained hard under James's tuition and followed his dietary guidelines and the results were fantastic. I enjoy training in the privacy of his studio as I can feel self conscious training at the gym especially in the weight room.

Patrick Rajendran.jpg

Patrick Rajendran

I wanted to lose fat and gain muscle, but have never even been to a gym before. My attempts at losing body fat before have always left me putting it back on again. James makes me do lots of research so we can have in depth conversations about diet and I have already lost 10 kg. I understand now what I must do to keep it off. The weight training is harder than I had ever imagined but I can see the change it has made to my body and my strength has increased phenomenally. Its a lot of work but worth it.

Sandy Jarvis.jpg

Sandy Jarvis

Having lower back problems I wanted to find a experienced personal trainer with the knowledge to teach me how to lift heavy weights safely. I'd always been concerned about squatting and deadlifting, but James simplifies them and breaks them down so my technique and confidence was built up session by session. I have gained a practical understanding of the mechanics of each lift and tips ensure I keep my back supported. My program now includes lots of different movements and I have never injured my back.

Results will vary and are based on individual circumstances and commitment. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed. Hard work and willpower are always required.



Personal training sessions costs are based on how many times you train a week.

1 Session a week 


 10 Sessions = £800

  £80 each

3 Sessions a week 


 12 Sessions = £840

  £70 each

2 Sessions a week 


 10 Sessions = £750

  £75 each

4 Sessions a week 


 16 Sessions = £1040

Personal training sessions last one hour.

Bespoke packages available on request, please contact me with your requirements.


James Clarke Personal Training

Studio G10 . 59 Chilton Street . London . E2 6EA

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